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If you have any queries you would like answered
on the philately or postal history of the area
please e-mail them to:-
Roger Johnson

They will be displayed on these pages together with any answers obtained.

Latest queries first - ** indicates a response has been posted

55. 1946 Cover to London Chung Ling

54. NB Jap Occ SGJ33 Patrick Longfield

53. **NB Postmark Query Patrick Longfield

52. NB Possible Forged Postmark Patrick Longfield

51. **NB 1892 1c on 5c with raised stop Patrick Longfield

50. **Labuan 1896 Jubilee Perforations Clive Green

49. **BNB 1888 2c with thin bar cancel Fah Onn Liau

48. **BNB 1901 1c with 7 bars Fah Onn Liau

47. ** Where has Brunei SG74a gone? Terry Russell

46. **BNB Postcard cancelled in Hong Kong Stephen Schumann

45. **Sarawak SG27b&c Roger Birch

44. NB with 1899 Belgian postmark Patrick Longfield

43. **NB Crown Colony Broken Arc Fah Onn Liau

42. **Labuan SG 54 10c flaw Fah Onn Liau

41. NB 1918 SG241 possible “8” for “S” in overprint Fah Onn Liau

40. Possible NB 1911 $5 shade Fah Onn Liau

39. **Sarawak SG1 Postmark Roger Birch

38. 1846 Pencil Sketch Patrick Longfield

37. **Parker cover from Brunei via Labuan Andrew Daglish

36. **S in Diamond on SS Roger Birch

35. **Labuan stamps with Robson Lowe chop on the back Clive Sellen

34. NB - Postage Due on Incoming Mail to R B Preston Richard Aspnes

33. **NB – 1889 1c postal stationary card with perforated CANCELLED Patrick Longfield

32. NB – KUDAT Proud D3 postmark? Patrick Longfield

31. **NB – 1886 1c with perforated CANCELLED Patrick Longfield

30. NB – Displaced digits in year plug Patrick Longfield

29. Two NB “stamps" Patrick Longfield

28. **1901 NB139 with 7 bar cancel Patrick Longfield

27. **Kuching 1932 Cover - Boxed "Posted Out of Course" Roger Johnson
26. NB SG204a? Fah Onn Liau
25. Sarawak SG25b or SG26b? Roger Birch


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