Query No. 45 Sarawak SG27b&c


Can I also have an additional query (more the merrier RJ) added concerning the Sarawak "one cent & bar" surcharge of 1892. Basically can someone provide a written, or ideally photographic, explanation of the difference between SG27b ("Imperf. between [vert pair]") and SG27c ("Imperf. horiz. [vert pair]"). 


Roger Birch


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1.  I have always read this as being imperf. horiz. pair and imperf. vert pair. The best way to identify them would be to contact SG Catalogue Editor at SG Publications, Parkside, Ringwood, , Hants, BH24 3SH

Bill Batty-Smith


2.  I have often wondered about this myself, but the only explanation which makes sense to me is that it is a misprint in the catalogue.  These overprints were used because stocks of 1c were low and the definitive replacements had not arrived.  However the post office still had remainders of the 1871 3c stamp which were hurriedly reprinted. It would make sense that the varieties on the original 3c should be the same as the varieties on the overprinted stamps.  If you look at Gibbons SG 2 b and c they read:-


b. Imperf between (vert pair)

c. Imperf between (horiz pair)


I think this is how the Gibbons SG 27b and c should read. 

Graham Woodhouse

3.  My response: although I don't know this issue very well and certainly can't provide illustrations of either variety, I do know how the terms differ.

Both terms describe vertical pairs of stamps, but "imperf between" means that the row of perforations between the two stamps is missing, whereas "Imperf horizontally" means that ALL the horizontal rows of perforations are missing.  In other words, SG27b will be perforated all round, while SG27c should be imperforate at top and bottom of the pair as well as in between.

Does this make sense of the varieties which are known to exist

Andrew McClellan

4.  I refer to my query #45 concerning the definition of Sarawak SG27b & SG27c. I have just received the following from Sue Price of Stanley Gibbons:
"Imperf between" refers to a pair perforated around but not between a pair, whether horiz. or vert.
"Imperf horiz. (vert. pair)" refers to a vertical pair perforated at left and right edges; with all three horizontal directions imperf., i.e. top, bottom & between stamps.
The embarassing point is that this is actually explained in the intrductory notes to the Brunei, Malaysia & Singapore catalogue (together with an illustration)!!
Roger Birch