Query No. 34 NB Postage Due on Incoming Mail to R B Preston

The subject is incoming international mail from the United States, circa 1933, from a "Mr. R. B. Preston" Schenectady, New York.


Mr. Preston appears to have send underpaid letters to himself c/o of The Postmaster of various locations, in this case Jesselton.


The letter is stamped "T20" and franked with a 12 cents green and black N. Borneo postage due (British Protectorate overprinted) tied to the cover with a Jesselton North Borneo CDS, dated 22 Jun 1933, and signed with a pencil signature. Backstamps are Singapore K and Jesselton North Borneo, 21 Jun 1933.


My questions are:

    Why the T20 and only 12 cents postage due affixed?

    Why postage due at all and how was the fee collected when the cover is addressed c/o The Postmaster?

    Are these covers from "Mr. R. B. Preston" known elsewhere?


Thank you -- any additional information is greatly appreciated.

Richard Aspnes


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