Query No. 47 Where has Brunei SG 74a gone?


I am not a member so forgive me if I am taking a liberty. I have just purchased the 2012 Gibbons Part One, @ 77 not something I do every year!

I notice to my surprise that Brunei SG 74a pale greenish blue has been deleted. I have owned a copy of this stamp for several years & over the years I have seen others (although admittedly not many) & it is a very distinct shade, not in my opinion 'iffy' at all.

Was the Society consulted on this & if so I would be interested to know on what basis they agreed to the deletion.

Best regards
Terry Russell

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I agree with Terry. It is a very distinctive shade but there has been controversy over the years on what is really "pale greenish blue" and, to my knowledge, the Royal will not give an opinion as to the shade.  I bought a copy from a very well known UK auction house about 30 years ago and when it arrived I realized it was not the shade. Attempts to return it were unsuccessful.

 It is unfortunate that Gibbons has seen fit to de-list it- lessens the value of the shade variety considerably.

 Steve Schumann

This sounds like a truly ridiculous decision. There has recently been an ongoing and lively discussion in the Sarawak Journal about this stamp, involving myself, Willi Ott and Jon Higgins among others. I agree that there can be no serious doubt regarding the distinctive greenish-blue shade of SG74a: indeed I have a RPS certificate of genuineness for my own mint copy.

 Looks like a Society campaign for SG74a's reinstatement is called for! Consider me included.

 Malcolm Hayes

The Society was not consulted and as you say this is a distinctive shade, not easy to find but quite distinctive. We have had some correspondence regarding this stamp in our Journal recently. I see Hugh Jefferies quite regularly and will ask him at the first opportunity.