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Video Titles





Oct 27th

Sarawak Censored Mail 1939-41

Jon Higgins

Nov 24th

Labuan Queen’s Head 8 cents

Ray Price

Dec 8th

Sarawak - Pirates, Population and Post

Simon Martin-Redman

Dec 15th

Labuan Pictorials 1894-1906

Jon Higgins




Jan 5th

NB Postal History of KGVI

Peter Cockburn

Jan 31st

Sarawak Star Cancels

Roger Johnson 

Feb 9th

Forces in Borneo

Tom Anderson

March 9th

De La Rue & the Stamps of Sarawak

Malcolm Gascoyne

April 13th

British North Borneo Company Numismatics

Mike Roberts

April 27th

RAF Flights 1926-1930

Jon Higgins 

May 9th

RAF Flights 1930-1941

Jon Higgins

May 16th

Guide to Early NB Forgeries

Fah Onn Liau

May 17th

Post World War 2 Postcards

Malcolm Gascoyne

June 9th

Aesthetics of Exhibiting

Simon Martin-Redman

Sept 19th

Stamps of North Borneo to 1883

Jon Higgins

Oct 31st

Postwar Airmail Cachets

Jon Higgins




Jul 24th

Who is Walter?

Malcolm Gascoyne & Roger Johnson

Aug 14th

Sarawak’s First Two Stamps Part 1

Jon Higgins

Aug 21st

Sarawak’s First Two Stamps Part 2

Jon Higgins

Sept 25th

Up the Rejang

Malcolm Gascoyne

Oct 2nd

Up the Batang Lupar

Malcolm Gascoyne

Oct 16th

Up the Saribas

Malcolm Gascoyne

Oct 30th

In the 5th Division Part 1

Malcolm Gascoyne

Nov 13th

Skeletons in my Cupboard 1970 & 1980s

Roger Johnson

Nov 27th

Skeletons in my Cupboard 1990s

Roger Johnson

Dec 4th

In the 5th Division Part 2

Malcolm Gascoyne




Jan 8th

Once More up the Rejang

Malcolm Gascoyne

Jan 15th

Christmas Seals

Tom Anderson

Jan 22nd

Skeletons in my Cupboard 2006-2012

Roger Johnson

March 26th

Sarawak Flag and Arms

Chris Higgs

May 7th

The Gold Mines at Bau or Who is Peter?

Richard Garbett

May 14th

Oops The Postmaster got it wrong (and created some of Sarawak’s great rarities!)

Simon Martin-Redman

June 11th

Sabah Postcards of Victor Wah Kai Min

Tom Anderson