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Philatelic and Postal History of Brunei

Brunei Flag

23rd July 1895J.C. Robinson instituted postal service to Labuan and 10 stamps were issued SG 4
1906Sultan Mohamed Jemel-ul-Alam installed as 26th Sultan of Brunei
May 1906M.H.S. McArthur appointed British Resident
1st October 1906Post office opened in Brunei Town
Labuan stamps overprinted for use in Brunei
Labuan 8c Overprinted Brunei SG 17
26th February 1907First definitive stamp issued. SG 25
12th June 1908Definitive stamp colours changed complying with UPU regulations SG 37 printed from two plates
1st January 1916Brunei joined the Universal Postal Union
31st March 1922First commemorative stamps issued for Malaya - Borneo Exhibition SG 55b showing short first 'I'
1st February 1923New postage rates announced for Straits Settlements Postal Union and British Empire
February 1924Multiple Script CA watermark introduced
New definitive design introduced for 6c and 12c values.
SG 74
1935First registered envelope issued
1938Empire Air Mail service introduced
16th December 1941Japanese invade Brunei
October 1942Oerprinted stamps issued by Japanese SG J5
June 1945Australians liberated Brunei
17th December 1945British Military Administration opened post offices in Brunei Town and Kuala Belait
North Borneo and Sarawak BMA stamps issued
2nd January 1947New Brunei definitive stamps issued SG 81
1950Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin installed
1st March 1952New definitive stamps issued showing new sultan SG 102
24th September 1958New watermark introduced
Multiple St Edward's Crown Block CA
5th October 1967Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin abdicated
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'azzidin Waddaulah installed
1st August 1968Coronation of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'azzidin Waddaulah SG 159
4th October 1972Brunei Town renamed Bandar Seri Begawan SG 198
15th July 1974New definitive stamps issued showing Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah SG 231
30th November 1974New watermark introduced
Multiple Crown CA Diagonal
23rd February 1976 First stamp booklet issued.
1977First air letter sheets issued
1st January 1984Independence
Name changed to Brunei Darussalam
SG 340
23rd December 1986New definitive stamps issued bearing name Brunei Darussalam SG 376
9th October 1996New definitive stamps issued. SG 563

More detailed information on the postal history of Brunei is contained in
Edward Proud's book "The Postal History of British Borneo"